How to join

We do not have a formal membership with our group, however all volunteers completing a total of at least 50 hours in a year will receive a National Trust Volunteer Card. This is valid for one year and allows free entry to all NT properties, some of the benefits of NT membership, plus discount off purchases in NT shops and cafes, as well as a range of other discounts.

Suffolk NTV is an inclusive group, offering volunteering opportunities to all ages and abilities. Under 18s are welcome to attend, but they must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult, and a parental consent form will need to be completed and signed.

No subscription is payable. Task details will be published on the website as soon as they are confirmed, and paper copies will be available if you need them.

The Group is run by a Committee of active members comprising: Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and committee members, mostly with additional responsibilities. The Committee meets at least once a year as required, and these meetings are open to non-committee Members. The Annual General Meeting is held in May each year.

The Group buys and owns its own collection of tools which are maintained by a committee Member. Insurance is provided by the Trust whilst we are working on NT property.

For general enquiries, call Adam on 07764 976 651, or email us using the contact link to the right of this page.