A definitive programme is issued every five to six months. Here are the planned programme dates:

DateLocationTask details
26th JanuaryIckworthCutting back hedge and laurel
9th FebruaryPin MillGorse cutting
23rd FebruaryDunwichScrub cutting and clearing. Paths maintenance
28th February - 1st MarchSlindon Bunkhouse, near ArundelWorking holiday
8th MarchDanburyScrub cutting
22nd MarchOrford NessPreparing for opening
5th AprilIckworthRemoving bamboo and bramble from Geraldine's Walk

* For Lower Barn Farm, meet at Dedham Vale Business Park, Manningtree Road, Dedham

Please be aware that these locations and task details are subject to confirmation/change, so please check the home page for details of the next task before attending.